Sharing the joys and blessings of essential oils

I am Yenyen – The Oily Nanay. I am on a mission to share the truth of what I love about essential oils and help you start your journey to wellness.

Teaching how women like me can maximize their love for essential oils

It all started with figuring out how I can naturally boost my son’s respiratory health. What started as a desperate search opened doors to a wonderful world of knowing how oils (applied, breathed and consumed) can improve every aspect of life. Now I teach single women and moms like me how to improve health, let go of stress and overcome negative with the help of essential oils.

Letting go of what's convenient & choosing to live toxin-free

We live in a world where there is a product for every need. And most of us, we grew up using products from known brands without asking ourselves: “Are these really good for us?”

In knowing deeper about essential oils, I learned to examine the daily products that I mindlessly use for myself and my kids. I found out that even our laundry soap, fabric conditioners, perfumes and toiletries where part of what’s weaking my kids’ respiratory health. So I learned to ‘Ditch and Switch.’