5 Simple Steps to Hosting/Teaching Your First Online EO Class

If you are reading this post, you are probably taking your first steps to building your Young Living business.

First, congratulations for having the courage to finally share your love for Young Living products with friends and family in your life. Here is a simple written lesson on hosting a successful workshop/class!

Number 1: Pick Your Class

Our most popular class is the Essential Oils 101, but we also have other classes that Young Living leaders can host and teach live Savvy Minerals, Thieves Home Cleaning, NingXia Red and so much more! But let’s start with the easiest and most important class: Essential Oils 101

Number 2: Save The Date

Select a date for your class. Are you going to teach the class yourself or is your leader going to conduct the class for you? Pick a schedule that works for the host and the presenter.

Best practice would be 2 weeks in advance — just the perfect timeframe to plan and send invites.

Date suggestion: Tuesday and Thursday 7pm or 8pm is a good schedule. Reason is, most of your attenedees would be free during this time.

Number 3: Invite, Invite.. then (Your guessed it right) INVITE!

This is the most challenging part actually. But let me tell you that inviting people is actually a ‘muscle.’ I say muscle because you can actually do it again and again where you get to a point where it comes naturally. No more overthinking, no more worrying about what your friends will say and no more weird feelings. Your first 100 invitations will feel weird and that is normal — trust me, that feeling disappears on the 101st invite 😉

Here are 3 things that would help your invite more effective:

  1. Make it personal. Bulk invites are great but personal invites are better. It’s more thoughtful and more genuine. People love that.
  2. Add Urgency. Have you heard of FOMO? Most people don’t want to miss out. Let them know what they are going to miss out if they don’t attend — of course, let them know what will the benefit be for them if they show up!
  3. Never Judge People. This is very important. Invite everyone. You’d be surprised about who actually shows up on your class. Those you expect to attend, might not attend and those you least expect to attend are the ones who would actually super passionate in the class. Let me give you spoiler: Those who say ‘no’ won’t come. Those who say ‘maybe’ won’t come. And only 50% of those who said ‘yes’ will show up.

Number 4: Opening Night — You Are Live

Tonight is the night! Just be authentic and keep it simple. It would be great to have your YL products displayed in the background.

Also, make sure that you are clear on how they can start in Young Living. Communicate this properly. You can:

  1. Send them a link to signup
  2. Send them a private message after the class
  3. Make it easy for them to enroll.

Number 5: Follow Up

Okay! Congrats, you did great! You should be proud of yourself because we are so proud of you! This is a perfect time to schedule your next class with a different topic — usually NingXia or Thieves.

Also make sure that you reconnect with your past attendees by sending them a private message on Facebook (be personal) – Facebook is a SOCIAL media platform, so socialize

Remember, you don’t really want to be that one person in a party who keeps giving out business cards.

Other ways to follow is just by simply being visible.

Post about your oils regularly — Trust me they see your posts and they are noticing you.

Also, make sure to heart and like their posts. Just be there for them.

The more oppurtunities and interactions you do with your prospects, the higher chance for them to follow through and act on what they learned from your class.


I hope this simple post gave you encouragement and helps you with your first EO class!

All the best!

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